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Jocke Skog, keyboard player in Clawfinger since 1993. Analogue synthesizer user since 1984 and music maker since before that. Have extensive knowledge about recording and is one of the very few who actually made a living from his hobby.

In present day Jocke’s doing productions and re-amps in his studio, his band Clawfinger is playing festivals and clubs, and he’s working on several projects that are still under NDA agreements. He’s an avid gamer and has done three music kits for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and has also done several production demos and preset packs for Toontrack Software and did the Two Notes IRs for Fortin Amplification.

Jocke got some of his own IR-packs on this website and also working with experienced producers to bring in more and more content to the shop from his extended network in the scene.

All of this while being backed up by Peter for all photo- and graphical content.

A match made in heaven and hell.

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