Frequently asked Questions

How do I install them?

It's a zip file. Unzip, copy and paste to your IR library.

How do I use them?

Add them in your favorite IR reading program. All of them have (or should have) an option to add your own custom IR.

What is PURE/MP?

MP stands for "Minimal Phase" and that's the common way of creating Speaker IRs. Basically it'll make all IR's into a very user friendly "mix and blend" version of the real thing, like most of the software libraries.

PURE is the 100% raw IR as if the microphone was there physically, with all the time/phase alignment issues as in the original take. This version might cause comb filtering and all sorts of other fun! Use one, and nothing sounds weird. Use two and create a whole new universe of sounds!

Can I give (insert product here) to my BFF?

Absolutely not! You signed a contract before downloading them so that would be really illegal, and also it's douchebaggery of an epic scale. Just don't.

What is the "DX-XX" format?

D is for Distance and the numbers are the position on the speaker. D1 is against the cloth. D4 is about 9 cm away from the cloth. 01 is dead center of the speaker and 08 is on the edge. All numbers between is the positions from center to edge.

Why is there only 3 microphones in the mic pack?

With 8 positions per distance it's 32 IR's per microphone, it's enough to keep you busy for a month. Learn your favorite positions and character and then, expand the horizon with another pack! :D

Also, it's cheaper.

Why is there one good microphone and two shitty? Is it a trap?

None of the microphones are shitty. Just different flavors for different occasions. One is a "classic" yes, but the other two are specifically chosen to compliment the classic. So if one microphone is bright and clear, the complimenting microphones are chosen to balance the sound.

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